Issue 17
Monday, 26 September 2016
Charles Darwin University

Experts on the Go

National SPERA Conference and International Symposium for Innovation in Rural Education
Who: Geoffrey Jupurrurla Shannon (Community Researcher) and David Scholz (mentor and community engagement researcher)
When: 28-30 September
Where: Mackay
More: Messrs Shannon and Scholz will co-present the following paper on community engagement: “Navigating community engagement within remote Indigenous further education contexts in the Northern Territory: Lessons from the Whole of Community Engagement initiative”.

Lowy-DIBP Workshop on Economic Migration and Australia 
Who: Dr Andrew Taylor, Senior Research Fellow
When: 11 October
Where: Sydney
More: Dr Andrew Taylor will present his and colleague Dr Kate Golebiowska’s research on the contributions of overseas migration to population change in northern Australia, with a focus on economic migration streams. He will discuss impacts from recent interstate migration trends for northern Australia, demographic challenges in the Northern Territory and evaluate the success of skilled migration programs for the population and economy of the Northern Territory and northern Australia more broadly.

International Criminal Law Congress

Who: Felicity Gerry QC, Research Training Committee Chair
When: 16 October
Where: Adelaide
More: Ms Gerry’s will speak about human trafficking.

Biometrics 2016
Who: Felicity Gerry QC, Research Training Committee Chair
When: 18 October
Where: London
More: Biometrics 2016 will offer advice and results from trials and case studies and examine issues such as security concerns, technology interoperability and ethics. Ms Gerry will present “Use of technology to prevent human trafficking – data and privacy issues”


Publication name: International Archives of Nursing and Health Care
Paper title: Why is respiratory rate the neglected vital sign? A narrative review
Author: Dr Malcolm Elliott, senior lecturer in nursing