Issue 14
Monday, 28 August 2017
Charles Darwin University
Social Work senior lecturer Sue Moore
Social Work senior lecturer Sue Moore

Father’s Day a time to reflect

By Ellie Turner

The inspiring role men play in their children’s lives should be honoured year-round, but Father’s Day can be a time to remember that children are always watching and learning from their parents, according to a Charles Darwin University researcher.

Social Work senior lecturer Sue Moore said Father’s Day, while holding different meanings for everyone, was a time to reflect on the importance of male role models.

“How you move in the world and navigate relationships matters to your kids – and to their kids,” Ms Moore said. “Your children are always watching, so strive to be the best mentor you can.” 

She said some families would mark the occasion on Sunday, 3 September, in the absence of a father or grandfather and some dads would spend the day away from their children for various reasons.

“Someone whose dad has passed away or can’t be physically present could take time in the day to do something nice in his memory, or create space at home for dad to matter – even something as simple as displaying his photo,” she said.

“Fathers who grieve a loss of connection with their children on a day like this often feel overwhelmed.” 

Ms Moore said dads should remember that their kids would continue to need their positive influence in the long term. 

“It is important for dads to look after their physical and mental health, to be available to their children and grandchildren into the future,” she said.

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