Issue 4
Monday, 28 May 2018
Charles Darwin University
Emerging Scholar Award recipient Ganesh Korammanil
Emerging Scholar Award recipient Ganesh Korammanil

Excellence award for language scholar

By Patrick Nelson

Charles Darwin University research scholar Ganesh Koramannil has been acknowledged for excellence at an international conference in Germany.

The Northern Institute PhD student, who also lecturers in the area of Indigenous Knowledges, Linguistics and Education at CDU, received the Emerging Scholar Award at the Eighteenth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations.

The award was conferred for excellent scholarship and the promise of significant future achievements.

Its purpose is to provide early career academics with opportunities to meet experts in the field and to interact with colleagues from around the world.

Mr Koramannil said he chaired several themed sessions at the conference, hosted by Konstanz University, regarded as one of Europe’s best young universities.

He also presented the paper “Multiple marginalisation and knowledge management: Language as a barrier in the construction, creation and transmission of knowledge – the case of English as Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) Indigenous students in Australian higher education”.

“The paper proposes the need for knowledge managers at universities to be cognitive about the language backgrounds and potential language barriers faced by equity groups such as EALD Indigenous students who already face multiple marginalisation,” Mr Koramannil he said.

“Since universities are centres of knowledge management, an empirical understanding of the context in which EALD Indigenous students begin and continue their university experience has implications for the access, participation and success of Indigenous students in higher education.”