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Alice music student wins spot at BASSINTHEGRASS

By Patrick Nelson

Michael Lindsey at Battle of the School Bands Michael Lindsey at Battle of the School Bands

A Charles Darwin University music student from Alice Springs has been invited to perform a solo act at the Territory’s largest music festival in Darwin this month.

Michael Lindsey, a Vocational Education and Training in Schools Certificate III graduate, is preparing fresh material for BASSINTHEGRASS, an annual all-day concert that attracts thousands of people to the Darwin Amphitheatre each year.

Contemporary music lecturer Cain Gilmour said Michael won the right to perform at “BASS” by winning the soloists/duo section at the Battle of the School Bands final in Darwin last month.

“We are enormously proud that Michael is the second Alice Springs act in three years to win a spot at BASS,” Mr Gilmour said.

“As an up and coming musical talent with strong skills as a vocalist and guitarist, BASS will be a huge feather in Michael’s cap.

“He showed at the Battle of the Bands final that he’s come a long way in terms of his showmanship and stagecraft skills.”

Mr Gilmour said fellow Alice Springs student Silva Landers came second in the solo section, while three-member group Hello Jenny came third in the bands section.

“They are all part of a strong cohort of musically talented students that have been working their way through the certificate program for the past two years.”

Mr Gilmour said it was particularly rewarding that several of his former students had forged careers in the music industry, including 2012 BASSINTHEGRASS singer Micah Rothwell, who is now a member of a Melbourne-based band.