Monday, 30 April 2018
Charles Darwin University
Dr Hao Wu and Professor Wayne Cristaudo traverse the political landscape
Dr Hao Wu and Professor Wayne Cristaudo traverse the political landscape

Chinese scholar finding love, hate in politics

By Andrew Hall

Already holding a PhD in economics, Dr Hao Wu decided to pursue his interest in a humanitarian approach to political research, and started to read the Chinese translation of a book written by a Charles Darwin University academic.

When Dr Hao, from Shenyang, China, finished reading Power, Love and Evil: Contribution to a Philosophy of the Damaged he sent its author, CDU political science professor Wayne Cristaudo, an email requesting that Professor Cristaudo accept him as a PhD candidate.

“At first Professor Cristaudo doubted my ability because I had never studied politics properly,” Dr Hao said.

After communicating for a number of months Professor Cristaudo accepted that Dr Hao would, indeed, be a worthy PhD candidate and they began to refine a research proposal based upon the title “Love and Hate in Politics”.

“When I finished my economics PhD I started to think about how people behaved in the context of their societies,” Dr Hao said. “People’s interactions are not simply driven by selfishness; I believe there are factors born of people’s emotions, including the concepts of love and hate, which I am looking forward to investigating in this place that is new and exciting for me.”

Dr Hao’s research is facilitated by a CDU scholarship.