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History book guns for top prize

PhD candidate Craig Bellamy, co-editor of the winning entry PhD candidate Craig Bellamy, co-editor of the winning entry

A book co-edited by a Charles Darwin University PhD candidate has received an award for documenting a fascinating part of Australian World War II history. 

PhD candidate Craig Bellamy co-edited “Radar Gunner”, which has won the Chief Minister’s Northern Territory History Book Award 2015.

The book was written by the late Dick Dakeyne DFC about his time as a gunner and radar countermeasures operator at Fenton Airfield in Katherine region. Mr Dakeyne received the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) from Australia for his military service and bravery.

Mr Bellamy recently completed his Honours thesis at CDU, entitled “Radar Countermeasures Development in Australia: A case study of multinational co-operation in WWII”.

He is undertaking a PhD on Section 22, the intelligence group Field Unit 6 at Fenton Airfield operated under.

Mr Bellamy co-edited “Radar Gunner” with David Welch. CDU North Australian and regional studies lecturer Dr Steven Farram was also an award finalist, for his book, entitled “A History Written in Metal”.

The award recognises the most significant historical book on the Northern Territory published throughout 2014.