Issue 10
Monday, 03 July 2017
Charles Darwin University

Students respond to humanitarian ‘crisis’

Bachelor of Humanitarian and Community Studies students provide aid to those internally displaced during a simulated crisis in the fictitious country of “Sebedoh” as part of an intensive unit.

Learning Technologist Paul Irving captures the training exercise on camera
Student Helen Ojaba, a community liaison for fictional aid provider Red Heart, explains a situation to Jesspreet Kaur and Karen Dempsey
Jeanine Asilo and Jesspreet Kaur prepare for an emergency
(From left) Course coordinator Adriana Stibral with students Don Jose, Chikodili Ajoku and Adlu Rahman
Karen Dempsey and Matthew Owen act as internally displaced Sebedohans to help immerse students in the simulated disaster
Volunteers Sultan Sultan and Hedda Reich get into character to make the scene as realistic as possible
RedR Australia senior trainer Paula Fitzgerald liaises with course coordinator Adriana Stibral
Sebedoh Army Brigadier Uzi Umbala (aka RedR trainer Ulf Edqvist) and student Tristan Salim, in the role of UN country coordinator, shake on an agreement about aid services
Jesspreet Kaur takes on the role of a grieving mother as students respond to an incident at a refugee shelter