Issue 4
Monday, 01 June 2020
Charles Darwin University

Frock up Fridays

​​​​​​​CDU’s Student Central team took “Frock up Friday” to another level recently with a standout Superhero dress-up theme. Competing against other areas of the university, Student Central came out on top taking home the prize for best dressed, and it isn’t hard to see why...

Dan Oakley (Thor)
Jordie Speechley (Catwoman), Amelia Bishaw (Black Widow), Riley McPherson (Wonder Woman), Nancy Soliman (Shuri) and Vic Mortimer (Super Mum)
Deborah Blaser (Catwoman)
Josh Price (Spiderman)
Teuila Te Aho (Flash girl)
Gemma Cabunsol (Valkyrie)
Alwin Lal (Thor)
Nancy Soliman (Shuri)
Jurse Salandanan