Issue 2
Monday, 29 February 2016
Charles Darwin University

O-Week at CDU

About 600 new and returning students attended the recent Orientation Week at CDU Casuarina campus.

Students from left: Lane Frankling, Linda Granquist and Kennith Kristensen
Students Katricia Dela Cruz, Jill Evangelista and Christie Angana
Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony at O-Week
Students Karya Guduru, Madhukar Reddy and Tafhim Hussain
Official Welcome for students at O-Week
Students Trong Duc Chan, Pov Sok and Brianne Santos
Students Sophia Stouggaristos, Stephanie Stouggaristos and Niki Kokkinomagoulos
Students Josephine Victor, Alyssa Maliglig and Corina Victor
Studetns Asmita Manandhar and Suzana Henriques Rodrigues