Issue 17
Monday, 09 October 2017
Charles Darwin University

Culinary competition

The NT culinary competition is designed for the Territory’s top chefs and cookery students to demonstrate their knowledge, skill and ability to present portions of a quality you’d expect in a top restaurant.

Judges were treated to a wide range of entrees, main courses and deserts cooked to perfection. Photos: Julianne Osborne

Paul Antonello takes a close look at the spelt sour dough bread
Bakery lecturer David Barker checks the quality of the pies
Kristy McAway judges the cake division
Cooking lecturer Antonio Tjung samples one of the desserts
Michael Lay judges the NT seafood section
Louise De Luca judges the desserts
Salon Culinaire coordinator T.Y. Lee judges the hot and cold entrees
A mouth-watering chocolate dessert
One of the spectacular entries in the cake section