Issue 8
Monday, 05 June 2017
Charles Darwin University

Out and about in caps and gowns

Graduation ceremonies were held at the Darwin Convention Centre last week as Casuarina campus graduates launched into the next exciting phase of their lives.

Andrea Rieusse, Nicole Harwood, Karen Carcary and Nang Sein
Leonie Yeh and Jasmine Yeh
Ross Cooper, Alysse Tranter, Trish Cooper and Maddison Cooper
Corazor Ibe and John Mangio
Mal Frazier, Laura Smithers, Tyrone Smithers with Jensen Smithers (5yrs)
Jamie O’Neil, Monica Donovan, Kate Billing, Maryann Billing and Betty Espie
Ray Monim and Ni Wayan Eka Sumarayeni
Maia Murray and Jennifer Murray
Tu Le, Tan Le, Elsa Luoug and Trong Le