Issue 10
Monday, 02 December 2019
Charles Darwin University
Corporate and Information Services Minister Lauren Moss congratulates Chief Information Officer Pat Gould
Corporate and Information Services Minister Lauren Moss congratulates Chief Information Officer Pat Gould

Computer gurus toast of the Territory

By Patrick Nelson

The Information Technology Management and Support (ITMS) team is in the running for national recognition after winning an award at the Digital Excellence Awards in Darwin recently.

The ITMS team, which has centralised oversight for the desktop, network, systems and application environment along with countless other pieces in CDU’s IT jigsaw puzzle, won the Excellence Award for Innovation in Service Delivery.

Chief Information Officer Pat Gould said he was a little surprised but nonetheless delighted with the win.

“This reflects the significant work we’ve undertaken to rebuild ourselves in recent years with a focus on producing the best possible client experience,” Mr Gould said.

“A few years back we asked how we could re-imagine ourselves; how we could better respond to the demands of the University and how we should position ourselves to respond to the incredible rate of technological change.

“This brought about a new service management tool with better capability, the dismantling of silos and barriers with a more collaborative approach to business, a world class working facility and a restructure of all roles from the ground up.”

Mr Gould said that the rate of change in the industry, the unit’s broad portfolio, and the complex business environment of the university necessitated a need for flexibility and agility.

“The university workforce is made up of people across a spectrum from the highly educated to those just starting the knowledge adventure. They come from every demographic, every background, vastly different lived experiences and every industry discipline,” Mr Gould said.

“The challenge is to try to meet their expectations to not only make IT easy, but also to understand their requirements, needs and business.

“I congratulate our staff of highly skilled professionals on their efforts to do that, and especially wish to thank Richard Smith, Ashley Jones and Libby Sander for their huge efforts and input,” he said.