E-news Issue 7
Wednesday, 08 September 2021
Charles Darwin University
Prof Jennifer Deger is appointed Professor of Digital Humanities at CDU’s Northern Institute.
Prof Jennifer Deger is appointed Professor of Digital Humanities at CDU’s Northern Institute.

Renowned anthropologist and filmmaker Jennifer Deger joins CDU

Acclaimed anthropologist and filmmaker Prof Jennifer Deger has recently joined Charles Darwin University (CDU) as Professor of Digital Humanities at the Northern Institute.

Working in the intersection of art, anthropology and environmental studies, Prof Deger focuses her research on the ways digital media is transforming how we see, know and care about the world.

As a filmmaker, curator and writer, Prof Deger brings an innovative approach to social research reflecting her background in anthropology and communications.

“Art is a fantastic way to make academic research that would have otherwise be buried in journals more accessible to the public,” Prof Deger said.

With her new position at CDU, Prof Deger is excited to draw on the uniqueness of the Northern Territory and to extend her deep-rooted connections with Yolŋu in Arnhem Land.

“Researching about the Yolŋu culture for several decades has shaped my approach to scholarship. I want to experiment with academic knowledge in different forms,” Prof Deger said.

“Digital humanities explore ways of seeing the world. We can strengthen relationship with our places through activating a form of care.”

As a founding member of the Arnhem Land-based arts collective, Miyarrka Media, Prof Deger joins CDU with a commitment to expanding the potential of transdisciplinary and co-creative scholarship with her Yolŋu research partners.

“It means a lot that my work is in position at CDU and it will open a new chapter of my research to celebrate the Yolŋu culture and commit to social engagement in an energised environment.”

One of Prof Deger’s current projects is Raŋipuy, a Yolŋu digital art of renewal seeking to enrich Australians’ understanding of the beach as a critical zone of Indigenous history, identity and environmental knowledge.

With a passion to learn more about the artworld in the Northern Territory, Prof Deger said she was especially excited to become involved with CDU’s Art Gallery.

“CDU holds an incredibly rich and important collection of Indigenous and regional Northern Territory art. It has great potential as a research resource, especially perhaps for the relatives and descendants of artists whose work is held in the collection.”