Issue 10
Monday, 03 December 2018
Charles Darwin University
Co-editor and Northern Institute Senior Research Fellow Dr Judith Lovell
Co-editor and Northern Institute Senior Research Fellow Dr Judith Lovell

Special edition journal now online

A journal that explores the practice of developing ethical relationships in Central Australia’s complex research environment has been launched in Alice Springs.

Co-editor and Northern Institute Senior Research Fellow Dr Judith Lovell said the inspiration for the special edition of the Learning Communities journal was the 2017 Knowledge Intersections symposium, where researchers from throughout the Red Centre gathered to explore the concept of “crossings”.

“The presentations and conversations at that symposium gave rise to questions about how researchers in Central Australia should ensure their work was responsible and responsive to the ethical codes and practices of those participating,” Dr Lovell said.

“As (lead editor) Dr Al Strangeways says in her Editorial, it is vital to the success and validity of our research, which is mostly undertaken in multidisciplinary and intercultural settings, that it be underpinned by ethical relationships.”

Dr Lovell said the writing and graphics in the publication gave voice to the work of research collaboration in Central Australia.

“The graphical content recognises that the rich partnerships that are formed in the red dirt are communicated through more than written and spoken forms of expression.

“In this issue, we learn not just about the different ways that people approach the processes of knowledge transfer in collaboration, but also about the relationships among us, which drive the ethical conduct of our research as a practice of place, as well as one that conforms to national protocols.”

Dr Lovell said many of the contributors had drawn from case studies, narratives or reflections on their “lived” experiences of research in intercultural contexts.

“Collectively, what emerges from these different perspectives is a map of the ethical terrain across which researchers and research participants traverse, and which we hope will inform the academy and those embarking or engaged on journeys across this terrain.”

“Ethical Relationships, Ethical Research in Aboriginal Contexts: Perspectives from Central Australia” is available here: W: Learning Communities