Issue 4
Monday, 28 May 2018
Charles Darwin University
CDU Lecturer in Law Ros Vickers
CDU Lecturer in Law Ros Vickers

Rebuilding a resilient Darwin

A panel of experts has offered insight into the resilience of the Northern Territory’s unique capital city at a Law Week event hosted by Charles Darwin University.

CDU Lecturer in Law Ros Vickers said community experts discussed what makes Darwin unique and how these factors contributed or detracted from it bouncing back after adversity.

“Darwin has faced a number of hard times and recovered from disasters such as Cyclone Tracy in 1974 and more recently Cyclone Marcus,” she said.

“Darwin also faces other unique challenges such as the impacts of climate change, transient populations, damaged buildings, and boom and bust economic cycles.”

Ms Vickers said discussions focused on disaster preparedness, Indigenous cultural survival, legal infrastructural and planning challenges, climate change and city revitalisation plans.

“It’s time to ask the question - how do we create a resilient Darwin?” she said.

“Drawing on knowledge from local experts in various disciplines - how can we respond to the unique challenges faced in Darwin, learn from the past and move forward together to be as robust as we can.”

Speakers included Andrew Wharton (NT Emergency Services), Simon Niblock (Darwin City Council), Jo Best (Troppo Architects), Katy Moir (Live Darwin Arts) and Ros Vickers (CDU).