Issue 12
Monday, 31 July 2017
Charles Darwin University
Professor of Political Science Wayne Cristaudo
Professor of Political Science Wayne Cristaudo

Social philosopher’s magnum opus now in English

By Patrick Nelson

A Charles Darwin University professor has reworked a German-language masterpiece in social philosophy into a text suitable for modern English audiences.

Professor of Political Science Wayne Cristaudo is general editor of the just-released “In the Cross of Reality: The Hegemony of Spaces”, an abridged edition of the first volume of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy’s 1956 publication, “Soziologie”. 

He also wrote the Introduction.

“I consider ‘Soziologie’ to be one of the 20th Century’s works of genius,” Professor Cristaudo said.

“It is full of bold, imaginative and profound insights on society, history and the human condition that is no less deserving of an audience than the works of Kant and Nietzsche.

“Rosenstock explores the interplay between time and the spaces that govern human life, of freedom, suffering and the power of speech, to provide an astute and alternative view of social reality.”

Professor Cristaudo said the newly translated edition was slightly shorter than the original but that the four essential parts of the book and the sequences of chapters had been retained.

“We reflected and analysed the translation sentence by sentence. We believe we’ve maintained the clarity, meaning and philosophical substance but at the same time enhanced readability. 

“It’s tremendously satisfying to see the culmination of a solid nine years work, although the idea for our volume dates back many more years than that.”

Co-editor Frances Huessy is a descendant through marriage of Eugen Rosentock-Huessy. The translation was done by Jürgen Lawrenz.