Issue 7
Monday, 22 May 2017
Charles Darwin University
Unravelling the mystery of Anna Magdalena Bach
Unravelling the mystery of Anna Magdalena Bach

Mrs Bach to debut at Cannes

A documentary film based on a book by Charles Darwin University Professor Martin Jarvis will screen tomorrow at the Cannes Film Festival.

Professor Jarvis’ forensic research into whether Johann Sebastian Bach’s second wife, Anna Magdalena, actually wrote some of the music that has been attributed to the Baroque maestro forms the basis of the documentary “Written By Mrs Bach: Broken Silence”.

“I am absolutely thrilled to hear that the Mrs Bach documentary has made it to Cannes,” Professor Jarvis said.

“It’s also amazing to think that CDU will feature on the big screen at the festival.”

“Written By Mrs Bach: Broken Silence” won the “Best Documentary” award at this year’s Creative Arts Film Festival in California.