Issue 21
Monday, 21 November 2016
Charles Darwin University
Law graduate Shaun Filiault
Law graduate Shaun Filiault

Law graduate aces marathon New York exam

By Katie Weiss

A Charles Darwin University law graduate has passed one of the most difficult bar exams in the United States, the New York Bar Exam.

Upon completing the gruelling 12-hour exam of 200 multiple choice questions, six essays and two performance tasks, Shaun Filiault said he would be eligible to practise as a New York attorney.

Mr Filiault said the Bachelor of Laws course at CDU had helped to shape his interest in law before he sat the exam, which had a pass rate of about 60 per cent.

“My time at CDU definitely changed my career path and interests in law,” he said.

“I got to ‘try out’ different areas of law, and see where I would fit.”

Mr Filiault is an Australian-American citizen currently working as a judicial law clerk in Boston’s US District Court, and as a teaching assistant at Boston University School of Law.

“Because Australia and the US are both common law countries, a lot of what is true for Australian law is also true for US law,” he said.

“This gives Australian-trained lawyers an advantage over most foreign-trained lawyers because what we learn in Australia can, to a large degree, carry over to the US.”

After graduating with honours at CDU last year, Mr Filiault completed a Masters at Boston University. He said CDU law lecturer Dr Jenny Ng had helped to solidify his passion for intellectual property law.