Issue 18
Monday, 10 October 2016
Charles Darwin University

NT Food Week

Budding cooks recently whipped up a range of healthy and decadent treats during Northern Territory Food Week at Charles Darwin University’s Palmerston campus.

Commercial cookery lecturer Matthew Cook prepares an ocean-to-plate meal at NT Food Week
Participant Tanya Roberts learns to create a fish-based dish
Participant Shane Kearney uses crispy fish skin to garnish his dish
Participant Barbara Laurie with the salmon croquettes she created in class
Ronan Fawcett and Timothy Morris make meringues
Lecturer Tracey Poelsma helps to dust meringue mixture with participants Gemma Hinds and Emma Stewart
Gemma Hinds at the Kids in the Kitchen class
Lecturer Tracey Poelsma and Thomas Hinds place the meringues in the oven
Faith Ocampo places herbs in a blender