Issue 7
Monday, 22 May 2017
Charles Darwin University

Bush nurses

Former nurses, nursing academics and members of the community gathered on Casuarina campus recently to showcase bush nursing and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Nursing Museum at CDU.

Lesley Scott, Neil Ludvigsten and Toni van Syl
Jan Moore and Emeritus Professor Alan Powell
Volunteers with the Nursing Museum Jacqueline O’Brien and Sue Green
Ena Lobley and Joan Baker
Patricia Magee, Jeremy Hemphill, Heather Boulden and Gloria Gopel
Evelin Faustmann, Darwin Mayor Katrina Fong-Lim and Hilary Hunter
David Swift, Kathryn Southon and Associate Professor Robyn Aitken
Kim Lowchoy and Margaret Scholes
Professor of Nursing Marilynne Kirshbaum and Rosemary Chelmers