Issue 17
Monday, 26 September 2016
Charles Darwin University
Associate Professor of Economics Ram Vemuri … managing silence in organisations
Associate Professor of Economics Ram Vemuri … managing silence in organisations

Serious business to take place in October

By Patrick Nelson

The Business School at the Darwin Waterfront will host a series of workshops and presentations as part of Charles Darwin University’s contribution to October Business Month.

Associate Professor of Economics Ram Vemuri said a theme permeating several sessions would be that of Indigenous economic development.

“In one of the workshops we will discuss why it is that Indigenous employees often have different priorities for engaging in the modern workforce,” Dr Vemuri said.

“We will ask what can an organisation or employer do in terms of shifting their thinking so that different needs can be embraced in a work environment.

“In collaboration with Paperbark HR organisation, we will also look at the role that the textile industry plays as a wealth creator among Indigenous Territorians. We will draw together artists, co-ordinators, policy makers and others to explore how growth in this area may shape a better future on their terms.”

Dr Vemuri said the Business School would join the Australian Institute of Management and a series of guest speakers to examine the question: “Do leaders in the NT have what it takes?”

“The point of this event is to examine contemporary leadership challenges facing NT businesses and assess the efficiency of their response."

In a session of a different nature, Dr Vemuri will explain some of the research he has undertaken into the cost of silence within an organisation.

“I will present evidence to demonstrate that silence in an organisation can have a negative impact on productivity. It effects morale, momentum and contributes to staff turnover rates. We will explore ways to manage behaviours that can minimise unproductive forms of silence.”

Meanwhile in the Red Centre, new NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner has been confirmed as guest speaker at the Chamber of Commerce’s “Business at Sunset” networking function at Alice Springs campus.

Acting campus Director Lyle Mellors said staff would discuss the variety of courses on offer to businesses and their employees during tours of the campus and its facilities.

Charles Darwin University is a Platinum Sponsor of October Business Month.