Issue 12
Monday, 31 July 2017
Charles Darwin University
Visiting US academic Dr April Petillo
Visiting US academic Dr April Petillo

US academic to share nation building successes

A visiting American academic will bring stories of Indigenous hope and capacity building to a seminar at Alice Springs campus this week [Aug 3].

Kansas State University Assistant Professor of American Ethnic Studies Dr April Petillo will discuss Native Nation Building theory and the efforts of several US native nations who have increased their capacity for self-governance, self-determination, sustainable community and economic development.

“The presentation will consider how this theory has been applied in social service settings and public policy arenas,” Dr Petillo said.

“The idea of rebuilding native and indigenous capacities through culturally appropriate and effective governance institutions resonates well when addressing social issues. This is relevant for indigenous communities beyond the US, as well.”

Dr Petillo said that Native Nation Building theory helped explain why some US native nations have been successful in managing their legal and economic affairs within the US.

The Northern Institute’s People Policy Place Seminar “Native Nation (re)Building: From Economics to Community Building” is free and open to the public on Thursday 3 August. It will be held in the Higher Education Theatre, Alice Springs campus from 2.30pm – 3.30pm.