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Alice students collect $13,000 in scholarships

By Patrick Nelson

Alice Springs Mayor Damien Ryan congratulates scholarship recipient Sarah Ryan Alice Springs Mayor Damien Ryan congratulates scholarship recipient Sarah Ryan

Charles Darwin University has awarded more than $13,000 in scholarships to six outstanding students in Alice Springs.

The scholarships for outstanding achievement were presented at the annual prize-giving ceremony, held at Alice Springs campus recently.

Director Central Australia Paul Fitzsimons said 65 students received a prize or scholarship this year.

“We award these scholarships and prizes to students who have excelled in a particular unit or program, or in some cases, have demonstrated exceptional effort in achieving their outcomes, irrespective of their grades,” Mr Fitzsimons said.

“As well as offsetting the financial burden for individuals, scholarships are invaluable for strengthening a community’s fabric by bringing together business, government, community groups and individuals.

“We are most grateful to the generous sponsors of the various awards.”

Mr Fitzsimons said that new Vice-Chancellor Professor Simon Maddocks attended the prize-giving ceremony in what was his first formal visit to Alice Springs.

“We were delighted to have Professor Maddocks here for the prize-giving event and also for the mid-year graduation ceremony.

“Both are important events at which staff and families are afforded an opportunity to celebrate significant milestones in a student’s learning journey,” he said.

This year’s scholarship recipients, Alice Springs:

* Alice Springs Town Council Scholarship – Renu Renu, Sarah Ryan and Loretta Harris.
* Sandy Nairn Memorial Scholarship – Kathryn Cochrane
* Central Australian Hospital Network Governing Council Nursing Scholarship – Irene Weiss
* Luma Luma Holiday Apartments Scholarship – Carly Molloy
* Department of Families and Children Scholarship – Lisa Anderson.