Issue 4
Monday, 28 May 2018
Charles Darwin University
Mexico is the latest place to embrace Rohan Fisher’s world-leading imaging technology
Mexico is the latest place to embrace Rohan Fisher’s world-leading imaging technology

Viva la tecnología

By Andrew Hall

Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods researcher Rohan Fisher recently returned from Mexico, where he was a visiting scholar hosted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Mr Fisher gave a series of seminars and workshops on the uses of Projection Augmented Tangible Landscapes (PATL) at a UNAM sub-campus in Morelia city that houses an environmental geography research institute (CIGA).

He also delivered seminars at the university’s main campus in Mexico City, which houses the Center for Research in Geography and Geomatics (CentroGeo).

“The main focus of my time in Mexico was furthering a partnership with CIGA’s Professor Mike McCall and Dr Jose Maria of CentroGeo to create training materials in Spanish for the PATL systems I have developed,” Mr Fisher said.

“I ran the first International Projection Augmented Printed Landscapes workshop at CentroGeo attended by researchers, government and NGO staff from a number of geographic research and environmental management institutions across Mexico City.”

The Latin American project is building on the augmented imaging work that Mr Fisher has conducted in eastern Indonesia.

The overall goal was to explore possible further research collaborations around the use of the projection augmented landscapes for community engagement, planning participation and teaching and learning.

“It was professionally very satisfying to see the high level of interest in the work I’m doing at CDU, and the level of support I received to present that work on the international stage,” Mr Fisher said.