Issue 21
Monday, 21 November 2016
Charles Darwin University
Sally Swinnen with her friend Deno in Malang, Indonesia
Sally Swinnen with her friend Deno in Malang, Indonesia

Student cements international relations in Indonesia

By Andrew Hall

Charles Darwin University student Sally Swinnen is working on a United Nations pilot project on governmental transparency with funding assistance from the Australian Government.

Sally received a $1000 grant as part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade New Colombo Plan to help support her internship with Indonesia’s Bandung Institute of Governance in the final semester of her Bachelor of Arts at CDU.

In addition to her internship, Sally is completing the final five units of her degree in Bandung.

Majoring in Indonesian language and political science, Sally has thrown herself in at the deep end and is completing the last part of her degree entirely in Bahasa Indonesia.

“All my essays, readings, exams and a debate component are conducted in Indonesian . . . it’s been one of the most challenging aspects of my degree,” she said.

“The project we are currently working on is a United Nations-sponsored pilot project in 14 regions around the world aiming to improve governmental transparency and accountability.”