Issue 7
Monday, 09 May 2016
Charles Darwin University

Students take on Science and Engineering Challenge

Hundreds of Darwin students have put on their scientific thinking caps and competed in the annual Science and Engineering Challenge at Charles Darwin University’s Casuarina campus.

From left: Darwin Middle School students Sarah Melenewycz and Shayla Fattore construct a bionic hand.
Marrara Christian College students Andrew Donvan, Digby Williams, Jessie Schatz and Issac Dimmick with a hovercraft.
Roseberry Middle School students Zane Brown and Storm Delaney work together on creating a Helter Skelter tower.
Sanderson Middle School Kyri Patsalides works on a Mars buggy.
Rosebery Middle School students Teanah Carall and Alex Bennet construct a Mars moon buggy.
Taminmin College students Reg Whiley, Jordan Mckean and Blake Townsend test the bridge they constructed.
Taminmin College students Rianna Demestichas and Ann Trinh work on the ElectraCITY challenge.
Rosebery Middle School students Zhyrelle Cabesas and Jagasis Singh construct a bridge.
Kormilda College students Ines Thorpe, Zoe Chesworth, Bridget Myerscough and Ashleigh Sutcliffe with a bionic hand.