Issue 5
Monday, 06 July 2020
Charles Darwin University
Sports Science student Simon Unzi showing how easy it is to work out at home
Sports Science student Simon Unzi showing how easy it is to work out at home

Students get pumping in 4SQM challenge

By Monique Paschke

While gyms may have reopened recently, CDU Sports Science students have shown just how easy it is to continue exercising at home as a free, and effective alternative.

Named the 4SQM Challenge, the project drew upon students’ expertise in developing, performing and instructing a complete body workout in only four-square metres of space, using common household items or no equipment at all. 

Eleven videos are now available online, offering a range of unique 10-minute workouts for people who are keen to keep exercising at home. 

Student Jing Tang created a seated Tai Chi workout, Alisha Hagel used books as weights, and Sheena Fitzsimmons combined babysitting and working out, using her niece as a weight.

The most popular video was created by second year student, Simon Unzi, featuring a very physical, full body workout with a great soundtrack. The workout has over 300 views.

Mr Unzi said the challenge has given him confidence and belief in himself.

“It feels good doing something for the community,” he said.

“If you’re on a budget or don’t have work, you can do so much with the little you have.

“Anyone can workout at home or use the parks and hills around town.”

CDU Exercise and Sports Science Lecturer Dr Daniel Gahreman said the number of people watching the videos showed a clear need for at home exercise options.

“With the number of hits we’re getting, we can see there is demand for these 4SQM Challenge workouts,” he said.

“Even as things get back to normal, people are more aware that they can achieve their fitness goals at home.”

The first 11 4Sqm Challenge workouts are available on YouTube – so grab a book and get pumping!