Issue 4
Monday, 03 June 2019
Charles Darwin University
Award-winning environment campaigner Esther Lloyd-Taylor
Award-winning environment campaigner Esther Lloyd-Taylor

Environmental responsibility strategy to be unveiled

Vice-Chancellor Professor Simon Maddocks will use the springboard of World Environment Day to launch CDU’s Sustainability Plan at a gathering on Casuarina campus.

During the 5 June event Professor Maddocks will outline the university’s responsibilities and responses to the various aspects of environmental degradation that afflict homes and habitats in these times and going forward.

“At a time in human history when it is evident that we are having a collective impact on the world’s environment that is detrimentally affecting our land, our oceans and our climate, it is imperative that we all consider our actions and our resource use and work out ways to minimise our impact,” Professor Maddocks said.

“The strain on the world’s resources to sustain our current and projected population is unprecedented, and while in the past population growth has been supported by technological advances, we are fast approaching a point at which we will be limited by the ability of the environment to continue to support human demand for resources. 

“It is within this context that I am very pleased to be able to launch Sustainability @ CDU.”

CDU is a signatory to and promoter of the University Commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The launch will take place at Mal Nairn Auditorium at 11am on Wednesday, 5 June.