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Prestigious award for Children’s Services lecturer

By Patrick Nelson

Christine Tayler … honoured by peers in the early childhood sector Christine Tayler … honoured by peers in the early childhood sector

Children’s Services lecturer Christine Tayler has won the prestigious Barbara Creaser Memorial Award at the Early Childhood Australia conference in Melbourne.

The award recognises Ms Tayler’s innovative work among early learning educators in Indigenous communities throughout Northern Australia.

“It had extra significance for me because I once was a student of Barbara Creaser,” Ms Tayler said.

“Barbara was a great mentor, teacher and friend who had an enormous influence in shaping my views and attitudes towards early childhood pedagogy.

“She was one of my early childhood lecturers in the education faculty at NTU in the 1990s.”

Ms Tayler, who teaches Certificate III in Children’s Services, was presented the award in recognition of her work in supporting the implementation of the early years learning framework “Belonging, Being and Becoming” in Indigenous communities.

“I could see a need for a more hands-on approach for Indigenous educators to implement the early years learning framework away from the heavily text-based documents produced for urban and rural services.

“My colleague Professor Alison Elliot and I produced DVDs, posters, planning templates, fact cards, and a richly illustrated ‘workbook’ to support the implementation of the remote early years learning framework.”

Ms Tayler said the resource had been used in more than 1000 Indigenous communities in Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.