Issue 5
Monday, 02 July 2018
Charles Darwin University
The CDU team Dr Nicola Rolls, Kerin Bolton, Professor Greg Shaw and Fran Tolhurst
The CDU team Dr Nicola Rolls, Kerin Bolton, Professor Greg Shaw and Fran Tolhurst

Book guides academics to teaching excellence

By Danielle Lee-Ryder

Charles Darwin University academics have collaborated with an international team on a theoretical and practical guide to modern day university teaching.

Academic Language and Learning Group Head and lead editor Dr Nicola Rolls worked with CDU colleagues and other eminent Australian and British authors on the book titled “Successful University Teaching in Times of Diversity”.

Dr Rolls said the book was inspired by the desire to empower academics to offer students the best learning experience possible.

“Academic staff don’t necessarily know where to start in being a good university teacher,” she said. “I thought a comprehensive guide to the key facets of theory and practice for learning and teaching might be useful to set them on their way.

“The book guides staff through the principles and best practice for designing effective and inclusive learning and teaching practice for diverse cohorts.”

Dr Rolls said students faced numerous pressures (including economic and social) that could affect their success and contribute to drop out rates.

“Much of this is out of our hands; however, we can control the learning experience we give students and if we make this positive and empowering it may help mitigate other struggles.”

The team from CDU included College of Education Dean Professor Greg Shaw and Academic Language and Learning Group lecturers Fran Tolhurst and Kerin Bolton who provided their expertise in university learning that is inclusive of all students.

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