Issue 21
Monday, 04 December 2017
Charles Darwin University
Students and staff sign off at the end of the academic year in Tennant Creek
Students and staff sign off at the end of the academic year in Tennant Creek

Students celebrate end of academic year in Tennant

By Patrick Nelson

Staff and students in the Barkly have celebrated the end of the academic year with a presentation evening at the Tennant Creek Centre.

Director Central Australia Mr Lyle Mellors said more than 50 students had completed certificate courses in a wide range of disciplines that included Business, Plumbing, Hospitality, Carpentry and Agriculture in the Barkly this year.

“As a dual sector university we embrace the challenge to provide education and training for the diverse and widespread population of the NT and to meet the needs of individual learners wherever they are,” Mr Mellors said.

“In the context of this diversity and isolation, it is a pleasure to recognise the achievements of students at our Tennant Creek presentation and acknowledge our students right across the Barkly.

“Some have done their studies through distance and on-line learning, others by travelling in to town for training and yet others by attending programs in their workplace or on-site at the Tennant centre.”

Mr Mellors said the event allowed staff to join with students, family, employers and the community to recognise that education is a joint effort and that hard work and dedication deserve to be rewarded.

He also applauded the students who had participated in the partnership program with GTNT and the 15 “Jemena students”, who undertook a project-ready training program before beginning work on the pipeline project.

“I would like to extend special thanks to Centre Leader Helen Hargraves and Business Lecturer Linda Scroop, who have made an enormous contribution to what CDU has been able to offer in Tennant Creek this year.”