Issue 8
Monday, 01 October 2018
Charles Darwin University

Time to Shine

By Julianne Osbourne and Patrick Nelson

Hair and Beauty students demonstrated high levels of technical and creative skills at the "Time to Shine" photo shoots in Alice Springs and Palmerston.

Georgia Landon and Lucy Mueller (Alice Springs)
Jazmine Scott (Alice Springs)
Kamana Kandel prepared Sabina Neupane for a high society outing in Palmerston
Lisa-Marie Hauck and Hua-Cheng Tai went to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party in Palmerston
Micaela Hull (Alice Springs)
Nimasha Nanediri Dewage puts the finishing touches to Shishana Paleso'o's hair at the Palmerston campus
Renee Robinson enjoying a cuppa in Alice Springs
Shalina Datoo made up Lowri Evans for a garden party in Palmerston
Tara Murphy in Alice Springs