Issue 4
Monday, 28 May 2018
Charles Darwin University

Trades Awards Night

Nineteen high achieving apprentice or trainee tradies have been acknowledged for excellence at a prize ceremony that showcased the diversity and talent among students in the School of Trades. Images by Rohan Badenhop and David Cook.

Jessica Daniels and Sherryn Killmister from Group Training NT
Australian Apprenticeships Support Network Assistant Manager Lee Frappe, Cummins apprentice (award winner) Thomas Mitchell, Service Manager Troy Hosking, Apprentice Program Manager Suzy Grdosic
VET Executive Officer Barbara Cram, Head of School  - Trades Roy Brandner and PVC VET Christine Robertson
Andres Hoffman and award winner Savanne Canobie
Team Leader Luis Espinoza and award winner Jacob Mitchell
Brett Willowhite and award winner Philippus Schutte
ACTROL representative Christopher Beaumon and award winner Martin Van Der Velde
Training Consultant Debbie Hoad, Rob Buttery and Training Consultant Sonia Dunford
Leith Darrach and award winner Dean Huby