Issue 21
Monday, 04 December 2017
Charles Darwin University

2017 Vice-Chancellor’s Awards

The 2017 Vice-Chancellor’s Awards were held to recognise academic, research and general staff for exceptional performance.

(From left) Leigh Disney, Dr Paul Black, Dr Gretchen Gen, Dr Jenny Buckworth, Dr Yoshi Budd, Professor Richard Midford and Pamela Smith
Adriana Stibral (pictured) wins an award for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning
The Office of Research and Innovation: (front, from left) Fiona Quintner, Kazi Naimul Bari, Glory Ebin, Analyn Vargas; (centre, from left) Fiona McGee, Melissa Janssen, Sharon McGregor, Brendon Douglas, Vlasta McCartney, Naomi Prime, Alexandra Murray; (back, from left) Kristen Deveraux, Hemali Seneviratne, Debby Mauger, Mark Li, Elizabeth Bird, Phil Brewer
Sam Hall, from ITMS, takes out the Exceptional Performance by General Staff award for innovation in improving the accessibility and security of technology
School of Engineering’s Asma Rehman Khan (pictured) and Anita Pettit win Exceptional Performance by a team for their use of social media to attract and engage international students
Dr Gabrielle McCallum (pictured) and Dr Andrew Taylor from the Northern Institute share the Emerging Researcher Award
OnlinePASS@CDU Team members Roz Rowen and Amanda Janssen accept an award for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning
Ryan Family Award winner Betty Ah Kit
Dr Aurora Scheelings is a joint winner in the Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning award