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NT croc expert launches book

CDU Adjunct Professor Grahame Webb has released his book “Wildlife Conservation: in the Belly of the Beast” CDU Adjunct Professor Grahame Webb has released his book “Wildlife Conservation: in the Belly of the Beast”

A scientist who is best known for his work on crocodiles has launched a book that details his 40 years in international wildlife research and management.

Charles Darwin University Adjunct Professor Grahame Webb has released “Wildlife Conservation: in the Belly of the Beast”, a revealing and insightful journey into how wildlife conservation operates in the real world.

Professor Webb began researching crocodiles in the Northern Territory in 1973, but has worked on them throughout the world. He is well-known across northern Australia and elsewhere for his contribution and linkages with Indigenous people.

“The book deals with what wildlife conservation issues are all about,” Professor Webb said. “While there are three chapters on crocodiles, the other 42 are based on firsthand experience with many different ‘wildlife battlegrounds’ in which the politics often become far more important than the science.”

Professor Webb said the aim of the book was to bring the real world of wildlife conservation to the forefront and stimulate others to think in more depth about conservation.

Filled with colour photographs and Professor Webb’s own cartoons, the book is his unique take on the evolution of sustainable use of wildlife as a valid and effective conservation strategy.

His ideas on conservation policies, programs and paradigms come from years of involvement in forums such as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Professor Webb was appointed to the position of Adjunct Professor at CDU in 2000 and was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science in 2013, in recognition of his world-leading crocodile research and contribution to wildlife conservation.

He received his PhD in 1973, and in 1978 established the independent wildlife management and research consulting company, Wildlife Management International. The company is now based at Crocodylus Park in Darwin at the research and education centre run by Professor Webb and his wife Giovanna.

“Wildlife Conservation: in the Belly of the Beast” was published by Charles Darwin University Press and is available at the CDU Bookshop, visit W: