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Beatles’ buzz hits fridge festival

By Leanne Coleman

Peter Dowling used recyclable materials to create the “Yellow Fridgemarine” Peter Dowling used recyclable materials to create the “Yellow Fridgemarine”

An interactive artwork paying homage to the Beatles’ song “Yellow Submarine” has won best 3D Fridge Creation and taken second place in the People’s Choice award at this year’s Darwin Fridge Festival.

Charles Darwin University Creative Arts technician Peter Dowling used recyclable materials to create the “Yellow Fridgemarine”, complete with a device playing the hit song “Yellow Submarine”

Offering special thanks to Beatles’ band members John, George, Paul and Ringo for his inspiration, Mr Dowling said the artwork colour scheme was based on the album cover released in 1969.

“The Beatles were the band of my generation,” Mr Dowling said. “Creating the fridge artwork was not only a great opportunity to promote art at CDU but also to create something fun and re-purpose materials.

“I picked up the fridge for $20 at the dump; the front and rear sections of the submarine are made out of an old mulcher cut in half and a lettuce crisper. The top is an old storage crate and PVC pipes, while the back rudder has elements of an old computer chair.”

Along with a converted intercom that people can interact with and play music, the “Yellow Fridgemarine” has removable side floats for ease when fitting the fridge through a doorway.

When asked whether the Fridgemarine really goes under the water, Mr Dowling replied: “Yes, but only once.” 

Sticking to the transport theme, this was Mr Dowling’s third entry to the competition and follows on from the plane-themed fridge he created with a group of CDU arts students to win Best Fridge in 2012 and his successful car-themed fridge entry in 2011.

As creative arts technician at CDU, Mr Dowling advises and supports students in the design of their artwork.

Dubbed “The World’s Coolest Festival”, the Darwin Fridge Festival brings together artists, community groups, schools and inspired individuals all in the name of art and the humble fridge.

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