Issue 10
Monday, 02 December 2019
Charles Darwin University
Project leader Dr Deepika Mathur
Project leader Dr Deepika Mathur

Grant gives life to zero-waste building idea

By Patrick Nelson

Staff at CDU who shared a vision for a zero-waste construction site have won a $50,000 grant to advance the project.

Northern Institute Senior Research Fellow Dr Deepika Mathur and School of Trades Lecturer Mark Fudge are the brains behind the initiative, which harbours the potential to reform an industry that is responsible for more than 30% of waste sent to landfill.

They plan to develop the concept at a building site in Alice Springs, where construction is scheduled to start early next year.

“It’s really important for all the primary stakeholders – the client, the architect, the builder and the CDU research project team – to be on the same page,” Dr Mathur said. 

“We will apply a zero-waste premise to all aspects of the project from design, material selection, construction method, procurement and transportation.”

Dr Mathur said Sue Dugdale and Associates were the architects and MPH Projects would undertake construction.

“It’s a project where we will learn by research and learn by doing. By the end of it we will have some empirical evidence for the design and construction of a zero-waste building in Alice Springs.

“Such evidence might have the potential to more broadly inform industry of ways to greatly reduce waste from construction sites.”

The Northern Territory Government’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources has provided the funding through the Environment Project Grants initiative.