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Chinese Co-Director joins Confucius Institute team

By Leanne Coleman

The Chinese Co-Director of CDU's Confucius Institute Professor Donghe Liu is excited about the relationship building the new Institute will bring

The Chinese Co-Director of Charles Darwin University's Confucius Institute has arrived from Anhui Normal University excited about the scope of collaborative teaching and learning prospects at the new facility.

Professor Donghe Liu will work with CDU Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Confucius Institute Co-Director Professor Sharon Bell to head the institute, a partnership between CDU and the Anhui Normal and Hainan universities in China.

Named after the Chinese scholar and philosopher, the institute was opened on July 31 this year, and will focus on teaching Chinese language and culture through innovative new media and creative arts technologies.

Professor Liu arrived this month to take up residence for two years in Darwin. He said the establishment of the institute would enhance sister city relations, provide opportunities for the NT community to learn about Chinese language and culture, and promote academic and cross-cultural exchanges for CDU staff and students with Chinese partner universities.

"CDU is a very important partner for us," Professor Liu said. "It will further enhance friendship and understanding within our universities and communities. In the future we will be inviting experts in Chinese traditional art, music and physical education, such as martial arts to engage with the community.

"We also hope to engage the business community by offering courses in Chinese language and culture," he said.

The Charles Darwin University Confucius Institute is located on CDU's Casuarina campus in Building Orange 2, Level 4. For further map information visit: