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Cookery students lend a hand at Darwin Festival

By Louise Errington

CDU Cookery student Leah Sloan worked alongside industry leaders as part of the kitchen team for the Darwin Festival's Gourmet Gala on the Green Dinner last month

A quartet of CDU Cookery students has gained invaluable experience by working on the recent Darwin Festival's Gourmet Gala on the Green Dinner.

Leah Sloan, Louise Hardy, Fiona Weir and Mena Soares worked alongside industry personalities for three days to prepare the decadent four-course meal, which was served to 150 guests.

Guest chef Andrew Fielke, an internationally recognised, award-winning authority on native Australian cuisine, and local celebrity chef Jimmy Shu acknowledged the students at the close of the evening, drawing boisterous applause from the guests.

Leah Sloan said she was delighted to have the opportunity to put the skills she has learnt as a CDU student to the test at this high-profile event.

"In the three days that I got to work with Andrew and Jimmy to prepare the meals for the dinner I learnt a great deal about native Australian ingredients and how to translate these into gourmet dishes," Leah said.

Following Fielke's signature style, the menu featured bush tucker delicacies such as pearl meat, mud crab and buffalo.