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Health to shine at Close The Gap Day Charity Breakfast

The Menzies Close The Gap Day Charity Breakfast will be held on Thursday, 21 March

An opportunity to hear from leading Indigenous health experts about inventive new ways they are closing the gap is set to draw some of the Territory’s most influential and iconic identities for a formal charity breakfast.

Coinciding with this year’s National Close The Gap Day (21 March), Menzies School of Health Research and the Rioli Fund have partnered for a formal charity breakfast to be held at the Darwin Convention Centre to support research to improve Aboriginal lives.

Menzies Director, Professor Alan Cass said he expected a good turnout for the charity breakfast which marked an important celebration for all Australians.

“We are extremely excited about this event and the opportunity to have government, private industry, Indigenous organisations, health professionals and the general public in the same room together hearing about how Menzies is closing the gap,” he said.

“The 2008 Statement of Intent to Close The Gap in life expectancy and to achieve health equality within a generation provides us with a fundamentally important challenge. I believe events such as this are important to reflect on the important work that has already been done to strengthen our resolve to improve access and health outcomes for Aboriginal people.”

The event will also feature the unveiling of the Big Ear and Nose (BEN) interactive learning aid by the Northern Territory Minister of Indigenous Advancement, Alison Anderson.

Approximately the length of a stretch limousine, BEN is a larger than life learning aid designed and constructed by and South Australian artists, Evelyn Roth and John Davis. Children are able to walk through BEN’s ear canal, and learn about the various components and functionality of the ear with interactive hands-on activities.

The master of ceremonies for the breakfast will be National Indigenous Television's North Australia correspondent, Craig Quartermaine, and will also feature a traditional Indigenous dance performance.

“Menzies is particularly delighted that the Darwin Convention Centre has come on as a major sponsor for this event, it illustrates their commitment to our cause,” Professor Cass said.

The Menzies Close The Gap Day Charity Breakfast will be held on Thursday, 21 March 2013 from 7.30am-9am.

Limited tickets are available for purchase at $70 per head or at a discounted price for whole table bookings. To purchase tickets, please visit

For more information on Ben and Menzies’ efforts to close the gap in ear and hearing health for Indigenous people visit