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Engineering book presents new teaching approach

By Louise Errington

President of the Institution of Structural Engineers Mr Y.K. Cheng presents CDU Chair of Structural Engineering Professor David Lilley with the Lewis Kent Award 2012 in London

A book that will help undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students in their studies in Australia and worldwide has been published by a Charles Darwin University lecturer.

Chair of Structural Engineering Professor David Lilley said his book, entitled “Structural Analysis for Engineers”, was the culmination of more than 30 years’ experience of teaching civil and structural engineering in the UK and Australia.

“The text covers fundamental civil and structural engineering principles, and attempts to reinforce the learning of key theories such as equilibrium of forces and elastic structural behaviour, and leads to more complex applications,” Professor Lilley said.

“During lectures, students are expected to simultaneously listen to the voice of the lecturer, interpret presentation slides, write notes, and understand the concepts being presented, which can be incredibly difficult.

“The equations, formulae, notes, tutorial questions and solutions in the book largely remove the need to hand-write notes so that students can focus their energy on understanding complex technical information.”

Professor Lilley was awarded the Lewis Kent Award in 2012 for his many years of dedicated service to the Institution of Structural Engineers.

Professor Lilley’s research interests include structural dynamics and non-destructive testing. He is a Fellow of the Institutions of Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, and Mechanical Engineers, as well as Engineers Australia.

Before his appointment at CDU, Professor Lilley was a Senior Lecturer and researcher at the University of Newcastle, UK for 27 years. He is currently providing high-level technical support to the Northern Territory’s Department of Infrastructure.