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Syrian-born student finds his niche at CDU

Mohamed Al Malazi

Syrian-born CDU student Mohamed Al Malazi

By Row Booker

Mohamed Al Malazi , a Syrian-born Bachelor of English Language graduate always had his heart set on overseas study, and that hope was fulfilled this year when he began a Master of Applied Linguistics at CDU.

He said his passion for travel was ignited at an early age by his lawyer father, who often jetted across the globe for work.

His three siblings also now study and work abroad in the UAE.

But despite travel being such a normal occurrence within the family, Mohamed said the decision to leave his native Syria was still tough.

“The family unit is important in Syria and to leave your country is considered a great loss,” Mohamed said.

“However, western education is seen as a huge asset and when I got my offer from CDU I saw it as a golden opportunity.”

He researched his options in Australia and chose Charles Darwin University because of the strength of the Master of Applied Linguistics program and the quality of the university.

“My initial contact with the university was through the International Office, which put me in contact with the course coordinator Dr Paul Black. Dr Black replied on the same day. This quick response time really impressed me,” Mohamed said.

Now seven months into his studies, Mohamed said he was enjoying his course.

His aim for the future is to complete a Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning through CDU and, possibly, a PhD.