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CDU fashion students gain inspiration from a master

Philomena Hali (far right) demonstrates her avant-garde production techniques to CDU Fashion and Visual Arts students

By Row Booker

Fashion and Visual Arts students were treated to a master class from a true master recently when Alice Springs-based textile artist Philomena Hali ran a one-day workshop in avant-garde fabric production techniques.

Ms Hali showed the students how to felt and distress fabrics, and demonstrated surface treatment techniques to create new and different textures. They also learnt how to recycle obscure materials, such as tea bags and fuse them to create swathes of fabric.

Fashion course coordinator Marlene Kranz asked Philomena to conduct the workshop as an end-of-year treat for the students.

“As an artist, Philomena truly is ‘out there’ and I knew the students would be blown away by her techniques,” Ms Kranz said

“During the Fashion and Visual Arts course we aim to give our students a sound grounding in clothing production, but we also want them to play and be creative and that’s why I organised this workshop. It’s putting these students on track towards exciting and creative new projects,” she said.

As well as practical demonstrations, Ms Hali also showed videos of how she creates her work to give added visual input. Ms Kranz said, however, that the one-day class allowed only a glimpse of Ms Hali’s amazing body of work.

“We will definitely repeat this workshop, but next time I will push for it to be a week-long instead as there is just so much knowledge for the students to gain,” Ms Kranz said.