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Tanzanian nursing student overcomes adversity to graduate from CDU

Tanzanian-born student Bupe Kyelu has overcome adversity to complete her studies at CDU

By Row Booker

For Tanzanian born student Bupe Kyelu, graduating from CDU’s Bachelor of Nursing program was not simply a qualification to allow her to fulfil her career goals, it was a triumph over adversity.

As an African woman expected to marry and not need much education or a career, Bupe had no support from society or her family to pursue education.

“I worked and saved hard to fund myself through nursing training and in 1991 finally managed to complete a General Nursing Certificate to become a registered nurse in Tanzania,” she said.

Then she made the difficult decision to leave Tanzania and her family and children to be near her husband, who was working in East Timor.

Bupe said she came to CDU with the support and encouragement of her husband.

“I chose Darwin and CDU because of the positive feedback I had heard from others about how there was no race discrimination here in the NT, and how friendly and welcoming the Territorians are.

“The Bachelor of Nursing program units also appealed to me, particularly in the medical and surgery, and maternal and paediatrics fields as these are the areas of nursing that I would most like to work in,” she said.

Bupe graduated from CDU in May this year and is now a registered nurse in the NT. She intends to remain in Darwin (while her husband moves to Spain) to obtain her permanent residency and looks forward to bringing her children out from Tanzania to join her to live and study in Australia.