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CDU unveils friendly face of modern maths

By Patrick Nelson


Professor Frances Rosamond inspects the Turing Machine invented by the “father of computer science” Alan Turing

Charles Darwin University unveiled the friendly face of modern maths at a family fun event at Casuarina campus recently.

The Math on the Green outdoor evening featured a series of interactive activities that were designed to engage participants as both fun and challenging.

Organiser Professor Frances Rosamond said several mathematical communicators from Australia and overseas helped host activities.

“The aim was to give participants an opportunity to experience new ways of looking at math through activities that are fun, quirky and interesting,” Professor Rosamond said.

“We used puzzles to demonstrate the principles of graph theory and games of chance to demonstrate probability. There were robots to play with and we introduced participants to a world of geometric possibilities with fractal postcards.”

Professor Rosamond said the free activity was the perfect way to end day one of the Creative Mathematical Sciences Communication conference, which runs until 10 August.

“Delegates have been exploring how we can foster curiosity, enthusiasm and perseverance in maths,” she said.
“It is vital in our complex world that we develop a greater interest among students, and the population in general, in mathematics and computer science.

“As it is the first international workshop of its kind it will be interesting to see what outcomes can be achieved by bringing together mathematical scientists, computer researchers, teachers and others.”
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