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Work of CDU engineer to benefit remote communities

By Louise Errington

CDU Chair of Structural Engineering Professor David Lilley’s continues to contribute to major projects through his work with the Northern Territory Government’s Department of Infrastructure

People living in remote Arnhem Land isolated by floodwaters in the Wet Season will benefit from the work of a Charles Darwin University engineer.

CDU Chair of Structural Engineering Professor David Lilley has been providing high-level technical advice and guidance to the NT Department of Infrastructure on a complex project involving the construction of a new 90-metre-long bridge and road realignment.

Professor Lilley said the works would raise the road level to carry the Central Arnhem Highway over a creek and low-lying areas frequently flooded during the Wet.

“Special consideration will be given to the bridge foundations due to the relatively weak rock near the ground surface,” Professor Lilley said.

“I was asked to contribute to a review of the bridge design and provide a number of design alternatives for the foundations, and will continue to assist planning and development for other bridges around the Arnhem Land region.

“My involvement in the project is an excellent example of how CDU can collaborate with the NT Government to deliver projects to benefit local communities.”

Professor Lilley’s technical advice also has been sought for repairs to a concrete navigation structure located several kilometres offshore on Fish Reef in the Darwin Harbour.

“While the navigation system is still working, the structure appears to have suffered an impact,” he said. “Its steel reinforcement is damaged and a section of concrete has fallen away. The problems with access and working offshore mean there are difficult decisions to be made whether to repair the existing structure or to replace it.”

Each year Professor Lilley assists engineering students while they undertake their six-month work placements with the Department of Infrastructure.