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Alice Springs music students bring banjo out for BASS

By Patrick Nelson

Adam Bourke

CDU music students Elsie Lange and Micah Rothwell will represent Alice Springs at BASSINGTHEGRASS

Charles Darwin University music students Micah Rothwell and Elsie Lange will perform a set of freshly written original works at Darwin's premier music festival BASSINTHEGRASS on May 26.

Micah and Elsie, both studying Certificate III in Music at Alice Springs campus, have worked together to extend their repertoire of songs since winning the duo category as Elcah Rane at the Battle of the School Bands final in Darwin last month.

Alice Springs campus Contemporary Music lecturer Cain Gilmour said their choice to use banjo had helped them develop a distinct sound.

"It helped give them the edge at the battle and has encouraged them to be musically innovative.

"They are prolific song writers and have made good use of the campus's state-of-the-art sound and recording studio."

Mr Gilmour said Micah and Elsie were the first Alice Springs student musicians to have won a Battle of the School Bands final.

"They are extremely excited about the prospect of playing on a big stage alongside some of Australia's hottest artists.

"Let's hope that the bands find time on the day to listen to our talented Central Australians."