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Issue 18 - Special Edition
3 October 2006

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What did you think of the symposium?

Ursula Clark

Ursula Clark: "Participation of the audience was what I liked the most."

Ada Markby

Ada Markby: "I was interested in the art forms and it's good to see them in everyday community life."

Christiane Keller

Christiane Keller: "I was overwhelmed with how creativity can lead to exciting community based development."


Musical performance

Wonderland in Alice

Creativity and community came under scrutiny in Alice Springs on 27 and 28 September in CDU's first symposium on the new creative industries that have emerged in recent years. Read more >>

Alison Anderson MLA

Creativity citizenship takes many forms

There was an irony in defining the creative citizen as it applied to one of Australia's most famous Aboriginal artists, MLA Alison Anderson told the opening of CDU's Creative Citizenship symposium. Read more >>

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Teen daydreams and mischief drive net creativity

There was a shift from entertainment, information and popular culture being provided 'for the people' to one 'by the people', says cultural researcher Professor John Hartley. Read more >>

David Headon

Writers are role models for the creative citizen

Five Australian writers best exemplify the notion of the socially committed citizen, literary lecturer and cultural commentator Dr David Headon told the Creative Citizenship symposium. Read more >>

Brian Fitzgerald

Who owns copyright on the Net?

With the explosion in self-generated websites comes the problem of who owns copyright on content published for global consumption. Read more >>

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Eddie Berg

Tower block talent: the remarkable story of Tenantspin

The regeneration of the social life of a decaying tower block in Liverpool might seem a world away from the central desert of Australia. Read more >>

David Curl

Filling the airwaves

Filling our airwaves with program content should be the responsibility of Australians, Alice Springs documentary film-maker Dr David Curl told the Creative Citizenship symposium. Read more >>

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Adrian Walter

Territory musicians’ unique role in cultural landscape

Creating the cultural landscape of the Northern Territory was reliant on its own citizens taking a major role, says Adrian Walter, the convener of the Creative Citizenship symposium. Read more >>

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Symposium audience

Convener’s closing summary

The papers delivered at the Creative Citizenship symposium were wonderfully eclectic in their approach to the topic, said convener Adrian Walter in his closing remarks. Read more >>

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Presentations from the Creative Citizenship symposium are now available on audio from the symposium website.

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David Carment After event - day one Susan Luckman and David Curl

Visit the symposium photo gallery for more great images from the two day event.

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The 2007 Charles Darwin symposium topics, announced by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Helen Garnett at the Creative Citizenship symposium, are:

Constitutional Development and a Northern Territory Bill of Rights (Darwin)

Regional Development and Human Capital Retention (Alice Springs)

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Symposium Feedback

Did you enjoy the symposium?

Were the sessions informative/controversial?

Did speakers demonstrate knowledge of the subject?

We want to hear about your symposium experience at Creative Citizenship - Community, Creative Industries and the Future.

By visiting the symposium website, selecting the symposium survey and answering the questions you can provide us with your opinions of the symposium.

Charles Darwin University appreciates your feedback and aims to use it to make future symposium bigger and better.

Please submit your responses by 31 October. Thank you for your participation.

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