Issue 18
13 August 2007

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Northern Edition feature print: Boxer Milner's Purkitji

Boxer Milner
Purkitji, 2007
image 30 x 30cm; edition of 30
Collaborator: Ulrich Kuehle
Price: $400 (GST n/a)


Charles 'Moth' Eaton - Pioneer Aviator of the Northern Territory by Steven Farram

Group Captain Charles Eaton, OBE, AFC, MID, Knight Commander in the Order of Orange Nassau with Swords, received numerous honours during his lifetime, as his full title illustrates. He is remembered in the Northern Territory in a number of ways as well.
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Garma Festival Key Forum

Garma Festival Key Forum

This year’s Key Forum at the Garma Festival of Traditional Culture wound up with a re-commitment to the importance of self-determination in all aspects of Indigenous people’s lives. Read more >>

Professor Helen Garnett and Minister for Employment, Education and Training, Paul Henderson

Centre on Traditional Knowledge to be a reality

The Northern Territory Government will commit an investment of $2.5 million to help establish a United Nations University Centre on Traditional Knowledge with CDU as host partner. Read more >>

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15 August : Commemoration of the 1967 Referendum lecture
15 August : History in the faking... - SAIKS seminar series
16 August : Science and Engineering Challenge - Alice Spring Campus
17 August : Why should we know about Aboriginal music? - Darwin Festival event
17 August : Plenty - Memoirs of an epicure - presented by CDU and NT Writers' Centre
18 August : 2007 Symposium on Indigenous Music and Dance - Darwin Festival event
22 August : Roymackonkey and the Darwin Youth Orchestra perform Monuments and minefields - Darwin Festival event
23-24 August : Science and Engineering Challenge - Casuarina Campus
23-25 August : Barracking - Darwin Festival event
24 August : Where does the carbon go? Savanna carbon dynamics and fire - EHS seminar series
26 August : The Luck Factor - National Science Week 2007 event
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Groundbreaking study of Indigenous health

The world's largest and longest study of Indigenous health is currently happening in the Northern Territory. Read more >>

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Gertrudes Alves

Gertrudes is our first Friendship Scholarship graduand

Gertrudes Maria de Fatima Frans Alves was the first student to receive a Friendship Scholarship and the first recipient to complete her studies. Read more >>

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Vocational Education and Training

Nick Louloudias

Royal show fashions new award for CDU student

It’s always flattering to be acknowledged for your talents. But CDU fashion student Nick Louloudias impressed the judges so much at this year’s Royal Darwin Show, they created a specially contrived award For Emerging Talent. Read more >>

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Careers Expo 2007

Careers Expo 2007

The Careers Expo 2007 is an opportunity for students, teachers, parents, and other people in the Northern Territory to explore career opportunities and identify future career pathways. Read more >>

Disability Awareness Week 2007

Disability Awareness Week 2007 will kick off this week celebrating the achievements of those with disabilities. Read more >>

Science and Engineering Challenge 2007

Science and Engineering Challenge 2007

CDU is set to host the Northern Territory’s inaugural Science and Engineering Challenge at the Alice Springs and Casuarina campuses. Read more >>

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Photo: Ellie Hayward

CDU goes CSI

CDU and the Northern Territory Police Forensic Science Branch recently joined forces to give students an insight into DNA analysis at work. Read more >>

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Amanda Swain

Child care nominations reflect commitment and passion in the NT

CDU Alice Springs students Kelly Adams, Amanda Swain and Janice Mayne have been nominated for the 2007 DEET NT Training Awards. Read more >>

New program makes Indigenous learning number one

A specialist literacy and numeracy program is improving the outcomes of Indigenous students enrolled in vocational training in regional and remote areas. Read more >>

Science students traverse the desert to the tropics

Students from across OZ tread new territory

Fifteen science students from across Australia have completed a field trip traversing 1500 km from the centre to the Top End of Australia as part of a field unit from CDU’s environmental science (management) degree. Read more >>

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Why should we know about Aboriginal music?

Allan Marett, Professor of Musicology at the University of Sydney and Adjunct Professor in CDU's School of Australian Indigenous Knowledge Systems, is set to present a public lecture examining why Aboriginal music, unlike Aboriginal visual arts, is an almost unheard part of the National Heritage. Read more >>

Symposium on Indigenous music and dance

CDU is set to host the 2007 Symposium on Indigenous Music and Dance as a part of the 2007 Darwin Festival. Read more >>

Northern Edition feature print: Boxer Milner's Purkitji

Northern Editions feature print

In his vibrant etching of the same name, Boxer Milner has depicted Purkitji, or Sturt Creek, and its many tributaries after rain. Read more >>

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