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Issue 22 - Special Edition
3 October 2007

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CDSS audience

Symposium attracts 150-strong audience

Some 150 people gathered in Alice Springs on Friday to take part in the Charles Darwin Symposium which focused on the topic “A skilled workforce for regional and remote Australia: keeping, attracting, training”. Read more >>

Peter Sheahan

The Territory needs to rethink young workers

The Northern Territory should consider positioning itself as a gateway into Australia for the global transient population to grow its workforce. Read more >>

Look out Australia, the 'me' generation's coming through

They expect to work 40-hour weeks, have paid leave to travel and be the boss at the age of 25. Welcome to the Y Generation, often described as the most challenging and fickle group with which to work. Read more >>

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Tony Barnes

NT demography sets challenges for planners

Two researchers from Charles Darwin University gave an overview of the Northern Territory economy and its labour force as part of the Symposium in Alice Springs. Read more >>

Des Rogers

Celebrating remote success stories

Employment success stories in regional and remote Australia were celebrated during the Charles Darwin Symposium in Alice Springs. Read more >>

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Tom Wilson

Turning NT staff migration tide 'needs creative approach'

The Northern Territory Government may have to become even more creative in its approach to stemming the flow of people out of the NT workforce, the Charles Darwin Symposium was told by a leading researcher into population change. Read more >>

Leon Morris

A vision for Indigenous employment

A man who has spent his life working in Indigenous affairs in government and non-government organisations shared his vision for a skilled Indigenous workforce during the Charles Darwin Symposium in Alice Springs on Friday. Read more >>

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Survey shows views on Generation Y and living in remote areas

Respondents to a CDU online survey have given a resounding “yes” to a question that Generation Y is big on demands and has little patience. Read more >>

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Presentations from the Symposium are now available on audio from the Symposium website.

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CDSS September 2007 Her Worship the Mayor of Alice Springs Fran Kilgariff and panel Professor Ian Thynne

Visit the Symposium photo gallery for more great images from the event.

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Symposium Feedback

Did you enjoy the Symposium?

Were the sessions informative/controversial?

Did speakers demonstrate knowledge of the subject?

We want to hear about your symposium experience at A Skilled Workforce for Regional and Remote Australia: Keeping, Attracting, Training.

By visiting the Symposium website, selecting the Symposium evaluation and answering the questions you can provide us with your opinions of the Symposium.

Charles Darwin University appreciates your feedback and aims to use it to make future symposia bigger and better.

Please submit your responses by 25 October. Thank you for your participation.

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